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Sicily launched the Ambassador Program

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The Sicily Ambassador Programme, created by Sicily Convention Bureau, invites experts from a range of sectors in recognition of the vital role they play in promoting the destination on the global stage. Sicily Ambassadors will come from a variety of professional backgrounds, with a broad range of expertise, for example university professors, senior company executives and prominent thought-leaders.

Many the professionals who came to the special night at Palazzo Steri in Palermo for the official presentation of the Program by Sicilia Convention Bureau, in collaboration with UniCredit.

We have waited a long time before implementing this project. This is because we wanted Sicily to be ready to this awareness-raising campaign by such important representatives“- said Vincenzo Tumminello, Chairman of the Sicily Convention Bureau -“We are sure that each of the Sicilian Ambassadors will add value to the destination and will contribute to attract many international conferences to be held in our unique destination“.

The forerunner of this project was Sergio Malizia, appointed first Sicilian Ambassador after the successful collaboration for the EFPA Italia Meeting 2016 which, thanks to his role in the organizing committee, has brought to Giardini Naxos over 1000 participants in the world of finance.

Malizia, awarded for the occasion with a work created by the Sicilian goldsmith Gi.Val, said: “The appointment received is a source of pride for me and, at the same time, commitment and responsibility. The Sicilian edition of the national EFPA meeting remained in the heart of the participants because – thanks to the professionalism and passion of the Convention Bureau in the organizational support given – we managed to give a soul to the event. Sicily must continue to transmit emotions“.

Also Carlotta Ferrari, President of the Italian Convention Bureau, commented on the Sicilian initiative after the recent presentation of the Ambassadors Project at the Italian Destinations’ Retreat: “Sicily has two competitive advantages: the wonderful nature of its land and the great professionals in the main local industries, on the one hand; the presence of a Convention Bureau, among our founding members, among the most active and competitive in Italy, on the other hand“- and concluded -“Becoming an Ambassador of your own land is an honor because it allows you to contribute to increase the notoriety of your destination and the income of the institution of reference thanks to the winning bids for internationakl events to be held in Sicily. I wish Sicily and the Convention Bureau a great job“.

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