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Pangiunìa, destination wedding in Sicily has a pink shade [INTERVIEW]

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Three, like the perfect number. These are the wedding planners of the Pangiunìa team, an island of events for foreign couples who choose to crown their dream of love in Sicily. The planners Carlotta Panarello, Giuditta Naselli and Stefania Sesto, partners of the Sicily Convention Bureau, sign their projects with a smile. Creativity and expertise, the winning combination to assist their couples for the organization of religious, civil, symbolic marriages now in Boho style, now Shabby, and then who knows, depending on the new global trends in the industry.

Naming originated from the acronym of their names, with a reference to the Greek influences of Sicily. Three different and complementary personalities for an organizational support able to satisfy the most demanding requests of international couples who want to marry in Sicily. Here is a light interview to let you discover more about their world.

What is the strangest request you received from a foreign couple to get married in Sicily?

Stefania – The most particular request was certainly the organization of a “blind wedding”, the celebration of a wedding completely in the dark!

What is the most successful type of celebration in Sicily?

Carlotta – Currently the most requested rite is the symbolic one. One of us, in particular Giuditta, is a celebrant of symbolic rite and for her it is a great emotion to be able to build a tailor-made ceremony for future spouses able to involve the family and guests and to create a unique and unforgettable moment.

Cellar, historic venue, Hotel? What is the most requested location in Sicily and which is the top destination?

Giuditta – The cellar and the historic residence are the most requested locations. Catania and Syracuse the most popular destinations.

The most beautiful comment written by a couple?

Stefania – The most beautiful comment came from one of our spouses, who called Pangiunia a bit like Nutella: “it is addictive!”

China, could it be a next market for Sicily as a wedding destination?

Giuditta – Why not? It could be! Pangiunìa already works with foreign countries! It is a reason for growth and a stimulus to be able to meet people coming from all over the world and mix Italian culture – especially the Sicilian one, rich in traditions – with other cultures.

Your challenge for the future?

Carlotta – Investing more and more to make known the profession of wedding planner and at the same time remain what we are, in our genuineness.


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