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New flights from Palermo: the Summer Season 2019 is out

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107 destinations to connect 26 countries; 31 airlines and an estimated growth in passengers at the end of the year of 12.8% compared to 2018, new domestic and international connections, higher flight frequencies. These are the numbers of the summer season and the projections of growth in 2019 of the airport of Palermo.

Ryanair, together with Volotea, EasyJet, Alitalia and Vueling in the top five of the airline companies with an increase in the traffic.

Ryanair launches two new routes plus two extensions to the summer season: Brussels Charleroi, Cologne and Athens, plus flights to Valencia, while it has already announced four new connections to Toulouse, Bordeaux, Frankfurt Hahn and Krakow for the next winter season. Lauda has a brand new connection to Düsseldorf, while Volotea has Cagliari and Pescara. Air France makes its debut, introducing the new connection with Paris Charles De Gaulle (from July, four weekly frequencies).

Charter flights will connect Palermo with Vilnius, Sharm El-Sheikh, Prague, Sofia, among others. In detail, the national connections will be 20 in total: Ancona (Volotea) Naples (Volotea, EasyJet), Bari (Volotea), Olbia (Volotea), Cagliari (Volotea), Pescara (Volotea), Rome Fiumicino (Alitalia, Vueling, Ryanair), Florence (Vueling), Pisa (Ryanair), Genoa (Volotea), Bologna (Ryanair), Venice (Volotea), Verona and Turin (Volotea and Ryanair), Milan Linate (Alitalia), Milan Malpensa (EasyJet, Air Italy, Ryanair, Neos), Bergamo and Treviso (Ryanair), Pantelleria and Lampedusa (DAT).

A short summary of the new connections as follows. 17 guaranteed with France: Paris Orly(EasyJet, Transavia France), Paris Charles De Gaulle (Air France, Tui Fly Belgium, ASL Airlines France, Brussels Airlines, Enter Air, Travel Service), Paris Beauvais (Ryanair), Lille (Tui Fly Belgium, ASL Airlines France), Brest (Tui Fly Belgium), Nantes (Volotea, Tui Fly Belgium, Travel Service), Strasbourg(Volotea, Travel Service), Lyon (Tui Fly, EasyJet, Transavia, Travel Service), Bordeaux (Ryanair, Volotea, Enter Air), Toulouse (Ryanair, Volotea, Bulgarian), Marseille (Ryanair, ASL Airlines France, Travel Service), Nice (Volotea), Rennes (TuiFly Belgium), Metz (TuiFly), Lourdes (Bulgarian), Deauville (Enter Air) and Mulhouse (Bulgarian); 9 routes to Germany: Frankfurt (Lufthansa), Düsseldorf (Lauda), Düsseldorf Weeze (Ryanair), Cologne (Eurowings, Ryanair), Nuremberg, Memmingen, Berlin Schoenefeld (Ryanair), Munich (Lufthansa, Eurowings), Stuttgart (Eurowings); 7 routes between the United Kingdom and Ireland: London Heathrow (British Airways), London Stansted (Ryanair), Liverpool, London Gatwick and London Luton (EasyJet), Manchester (Ryanair), Dublin (Ryanair); 7 routes to Spain: Barcelona (Vueling), Madrid (Ryanair, Iberia Express), Malaga, Ibiza, Palma de Mallorca, Bilbao (Volotea), Valencia (Ryanair); 4 routes to Switzerland and Austria: Zurich (Swiss), Geneva (EasyJet), Basel (Bulgarian), Vienna (Austrian Airlines); 4 routes to Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg: Brussels (Brussels airlines, Tui Fly Belgium), Brussels Chaleroi (Ryanair), Rotterdam (Transavia), Luxembourg (Luxair); 3 routes Norway, Sweden, Denmark: Oslo (SAS), Stockholm-Arlanda (SAS, Norwegian), Copenhagen (SAS); 11 routes to Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Czech Republic: Vilnius (Enter Air), Warsaw (Enter Air), Wroclaw/Wroclaw (Ryanair, Enter Air), Krakow (Enter Air), Katowice (Enter Air), Bucharest (Ryanair), Budapest (Ryanair, Bulgarian), Split (Volotea), Belgrade, Sofia (Bulgarian), Bratislava (Bulgarian), Prague (Travel Service); 8 routes to Greece, Malta, Egypt: Athens (Aegean, Ryanair), Corfu, Santorini, Candia-Creta, Zakynthos, Rhodes (Volotea), Malta (AirMalta), Sharm el-Sheikh (Bulgarian); other non-EU connections with Moscow Vnukovo (Pobeda), Moscow Seremet’evo (Alitalia), Tunis (Tunisair).

Source: Travelnostop

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