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Marry Me in Sicily, Manuela Restuccia: “Weddings in Sicily mean authenticity”

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Marry Me in Sicily, a naming that sounds like an imperative. Because there can be no hesitation in deciding to get married in Sicily. Manuela Restuccia, a Sicilian Wedding Planner based in Catania, knows this well. She has made an art out of managing the wedding and with meticulousness and passion follows the couples, local or foreign, who rely on her to make their dream come true. We interviewed Manuela, a partner of the Sicily Convention Bureau, to learn more about her activity.

What is the charm of a wedding in Sicily?

I could not give a single answer, foreigners are attracted by many factors. It would be easy to say that it is because of our climate, rather than for the gastronomy or for our historical and natural beauty, but the reality is that the couple choose Sicily basically for the atmosphere that they find in our island, for that sense of authenticity that probably in their countries has now been lost and that we still breathe.

The destination wedding that you would like to realize of what nationality it is and what style it has?

I really like working with the English, basically because they have a special love for our land. They discovered it in the Victorian age and that bond has never broken. Among other things, their style is always very sober, and this avoids to fall into excesses which are unsuitable for a wedding.

Eastern and Western Sicily, which part of the island do you think is the most appealing for foreign couples and why?

So far I would have said Eastern Sicily, not only because of Taormina, but also because of the recent explosion of the Syracuse area. Recently, however, we have been witnessing a great interest in Palermo. Actually, Sicily must be involved throughout.

The most beautiful comment you have received to date from a couple?

It’s not so much the comments as their expressions at the end of the day that make the difference. The happiness in their eyes repays for every tiredness.

Is there a type of unconventional location that is still little in demand and that you think may be a future trend in Sicily?

Foreign couples have already taken the path of unconventional locations, they are interested almost exclusively in those. A trend that I intend to carry on is to organize weddings involving entire villages, exploiting for example squares and courtyards and involving the collaboration of the same inhabitants of the place, perhaps with grandmothers who prepare fresh pasta for everyone!

Thanks to Manuela Restuccia from Sicilia Convention Bureau


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