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Gival, the ancient Sicilian factory opens its doors to events

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Gival is an ancient factory that has preserved the tradition of Sicilian goldsmithing for decades, by keeping the secrets of Sicily and its most authentic craftsmanship.

In the building, in the heart of Giarre and not far from Catania, it is possible to admire the work of expert goldsmith masters who shape the noble metals to set the most precious stones. From the lava stone of Etna and the coral of the Mediterranean you get authentic works of art, which express the deep charm of Sicily with elegance.

Upon reservation, it is possible to visit the workshops accompanied by native-speaking hostesses and admire live the process of creating the jewels. In a historic and elegant building, guests have the opportunity to discover the stages of the creation of the precious made by the master goldsmiths and admire the collections. The guest, in fact, is involved in the process of craftsmanship, following step by step the creation of a jewel: from the sketch drawn on the sheet to the realization of wax models up to the accurate setting of the gems. The visit to the workshops is an opportunity to admire the collections and have the jewel of your dreams made by the master goldsmiths of Gival, in respect of the made in Italy.


In respect of the traditional Sicilian hospitality, there is no visit that does not end with a free tasting of typical Sicilian products.

Nothing better after an excursion to Mount Etna, which may be organized before a relaxing stop in the premises of the Gival factory, to end your exploration of the lava of Mount Etna until its transformation into a jewel and make it accompanied by the taste of Sicilian cuisine.

50 minutes: this is the timing for an experience in Gival, which is also an ideal location for events. An exceptional location where you can live a unique experience that would be a shame to miss out!


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