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Eclittica: Azimut presents the new brand for experience design

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A brand that expresses stories, challenges, experiences and good results. A brand that is renewed. We are talking about Azimut, partner of the Sicilia Convention Bureau, which at the completion of its 15th year of activity renews its business reality with a new brand that is the symbol of a new professional adventure.

Eclittica is the new brand. Eclectic is the team. We play on words to tell about an Italian excellence in the experience design, proudly made in Sicily. An award-winning event management company that stands out for its originality and chameleon-like attitude which make the team able to develop unconventional entertainment proposals and event showcases. We talked about it in an interview with Dario Cherubino, co-founder and Creative Director of the company.

A new brand for Azimut: why now?

Dario – Azimut just celebrated its 15th years anniversary, and in the last few ones, it evolved quite a lot. So much we hired new members in our crew, and opened our second office in Tuscany, so collecting new challenges all around Italy. In the meanwhile, the market evolved too and needed more high-level services, accurately customized, in the shortest span of time. To complete our offer, we gave birth to several different brands offering complementary services, which were and still are quite rare in the Italian market, with our usual attention to details. In this regard, the birth of new, separated brands will help us being more productive as well as being clearer to our clients.

The visual makeover is coupled with a new strategic positioning? If so, tell us a bit more.

Dario – We had a complete visual makeover: we developed a new logo (of course) and a new website (www.eclittica.events) that, indeed, represent us much better than the former. While we retained our traditional colors (blue and grey/metal), and the “space”-related meaning of the name, we changed quite a lot. Eclittica will totally inherit Azimut’s core business: the production of special experiences for the corporate and luxury event fields. In this regard, I think Eclittica will reinforce our main corporate mission. A new plan of investments already started and will continue in the next few years, rejuvenating our offer.

A new website and a new user experience. What about social media? Are you going to change also the way to communicate with your followers?

Dario – Our new website is completely different, and much more “social” than the former. More ironic (have a look at our bios), and always a work in progress.
In the meanwhile, we are also transforming our social media (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter), and now we are also on instagram. As a big part of our job is pretty visual, Instagram looks like a very good tool to show what we are up to.


Are you planning to innovate also your formats for the experience design?

Dario – Sure. We already produced more than 50 different formats (both entertainment and special activities), that still are a big part of our job and allow us to be very fast in our responses to almost any rfp, but, in the last few years we produced more and more custom “experiences”, completely built from scratch. We got to admit it: it’s definitely a pleasure when we can think out of the box, producing each day something new and challenging ourselves. We never stop – “always learning” is indeed one of the seven principles of our corporate philosophy.

How do you think your long-standing clients will perceive the re-branding? Will it be disorienting or, conversely, boosting for your visibility?

Dario – For sure, at first it will be a bit disorienting. We know that. But the first feedbacks we received are absolutely flattering, and we are very proud of the direction we are heading to.


Azimut has a new brand, but the successful track-record does not change at all. Please, share with us a recent event case history.

Dario – First of all, thanks for your kind words. Anyway, it’s quite difficult for us to choose just one event. Each time, each event leaves us with a plethora of memories, and is special on his own.
For instance, challenged by Fendi to produce a special activity that was meant to be both fashionable, engaging, and inspired by Sicilian traditions, we developed a “build a Sicilian cart” activity in which the participants had to plan, design, paint and build a real Sicilian cart, and then race one team against the other. For YPO-Mumbai we devised a Bollywood-style flashmob in the main square of Taormina, with 20 performers. We also had a custom-made dance&videoprojections show in Basel (Switzerland) for the launch of the new collection of luxury watches; and an Archimedes-themed Jeux-Sans-Frontieres activity in Palermo, including building giant greek temples with custom made (polystyrene) columns; and a huge Italian Street Festival completely recreated for over 600 participants in Rome; and a futuristic cirque-du-Soleil style gala dinner; and… simply, much more!

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