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Discover Palermo: sicilian charm in an educational tour

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Great enthusiasm for the two-day Educational Tour of Palermo organised by Domina Coral Bay Sicilia Zagarella in collaboration with Ulisse Events, Sicilia Convention Bureau, Azimut Creating Emotions and Volotea Airlines, and which came to an end on June 14th.
Nine of the most interesting realities of the meeting industry in northern Italy – based in Milan, Turin and Genoa – met in the enchanting location of Palermo to get to know and live the territory in all its particularities through the exclusive services offered by the partners involved.

It is to all intents and purposes a mini incentive – claims Andrea Luca – open to a restricted number of high profile professionals, designed to test an experience that can subsequently be replicated elsewhere on the Island, involving operators from the specific business sectors of interest.”

Each moment was marked by an “experiential activity” with a strong emotional impact. From the air transfer offered by Volotea to the land services, the outcome of the synergy in the organisation provided by SCB, Ulisse Events (DMC) and the logistics partner (Labisi); from the stay in Santa Flavia to the team-building and experimental activity arranged by Azimut staff.

The eductour participants got to know the services offered by the Sicilian congress tourism industry and were able to evaluate the implementation timeframe and methods, without sacrificing relaxation and entertainment, a must in any incentive activity. A route through the picturesque and unexplored MICE locations that stimulated the creativity of the participants to come up with new formats for events, imbued with a special ingredient: the genuinely fascinating character of Sicily.

Water games, lemon harvesting and cooking classes in Villa San Marco, returning home to say: “I know how to make a Sicilian granita too!” And then, dinner under the stars on the Terrazza Porticello of the Domina Coral Bay, entertained by an “absurd” storyteller. Dulcis in fundo: Palermo, revealed in its historical, cultural and architectural enchantment through its Palaces and Churches during a long stroll in the old town, enriched by gourmet moments to taste the typical local street food.

A truly flattering result for this Palermo Educational Tour. Andrea Luca, Sales Director for Domina Coral Bay Sicilia commented on the outcome of the initiative: “Direct experience of what can be done in this land represents the best promotional tool we can leaverage. I strongly wanted to organize these two days because I was aware that simply “describing” a service – despite all Sicilians being innately good and persuasive “storytellers” – is very different from experiencing it firsthand.” – He continues –  “I thank the partners and, above all, I wish to thank the agencies who were invited and who literally challenged themselves through us, and who dedicated their most precious resource – time – because they were in love with this land, because they believed and continue to believe that the level of service that we can offer today – at all levels – is absolutely up to par with the product we regularly offer worldwide.

Enthusiasm also in the words of Anna Maria Ulisse, Ulisse Events, who adds: “We have discovered the beauty of working with the Italian market, and the Italian market in turn has discovered that Sicily boasts professional partners who know how to work in teams to promote the destination to the utmost. This Educational Tour turned out to be an idea that works and I’m proud of it. Certainly an experience to be repeated.

Daniela Marino, Sicilia Convention Bureau, joins the chorus and states: “What make us rejoice about the Educational which we had the pleasure to collaborate in, is the proof that the destination, through the professionals in the tourism and MICE industry, knows how to be cohesive and present itself to Italy – and the world – as a territory that can compete with the most renowned protagonists of the events market. Collaboration among operators is the key element to distinguish ourselves. We can’t wait to repeat this experience!

Happiness also in the post-event reflections expressed by Valeria Rebasti, Country Manager Italia Volotea: “We are happy we transported the participants to the Sicilian Educational Tour which took place thanks to Domina Coral Bay and Sicily Convention Bureau. We believe that collaboration between the various operators in the tourism sector is fundamental for the success of any destination and we hope we can repeat operations of this kind to continue to push tourism towards Sicily, a region that has a role of primary importance in the operative network.

In conclusion, Dario Cherubino from Azimut, shaking his colleagues’ hands, stated: “Sicily is a land rich of opportunities, of unexpected surprises, stories and experiences! In these few days our challenge was to try to unravel at least a small part of this island in the middle of the Mediterranean, to let our clients perceive the contradictions, the flavors and uniqueness. With the certainty that, time after time, event after event, once back in Sicily our guests will keep on discover its beautiful corners“.

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